Charleston Mushroom Growing Kits

Dive into the world of mycology with our mushroom growing kits.

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Charleston Mushroom Growing Kits

Charleston, famous for its historical charm and culinary excellence, is also an inviting place for mushroom cultivation enthusiasts. Explore growing mushrooms in Charleston’s scenic locales.

Downtown Charleston

Experience the blend of history and modern urban gardening with our mushroom kits in Downtown Charleston. They are perfect for small spaces and beginner growers.

West Ashley

West Ashley's spacious neighborhoods are great for setting up diverse mushroom gardens. Our kits allow you to explore different mushroom varieties easily.

James Island

James Island provides a tranquil setting for those looking to integrate mushroom growing into a peaceful lifestyle. Our kits are designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

North Charleston

In North Charleston, the mix of urban and suburban environments creates perfect conditions for both small and large mushroom projects.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant's community-oriented nature makes it a great place for educational mushroom growing projects. Share your harvest and knowledge with the community.

Cultivate Mushrooms in Charleston

Charleston's rich culture and supportive community provide an ideal backdrop for mushroom cultivation. Visit to find the ideal mushroom growing kit for your needs.

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Explore the magic of mushroom mycelium and cultivate your own gourmet mushrooms at home.

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PetitChampi mushroom grow kits include premium substrate and expertly curated mycology, ensuring a rewarding cultivation experience.

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Get your favourite mushroom within are large selection: Lion's mane, Shiitake, King Oyster, Golden Oyster, Blue Oyster, Pearl Oyster and Pink Oyster.

All of our mushroom kits are ready to use with no equipement needed. Just spray water and get amazing results!