Rochester Mushroom Growing Kits

Dive into the world of mycology with our mushroom growing kits.

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Rochester Mushroom Growing Kits

Rochester, known for its innovation and strong community spirit, offers fertile ground for mushroom growers. Here’s how you can get involved in Rochester’s vibrant neighborhoods.

Downtown Rochester

Downtown’s urban setting is perfect for compact mushroom growing kits, allowing you to enjoy fresh mushrooms even in a small apartment.

East Rochester

East Rochester, with its residential charm, is ideal for those looking to start a home mushroom garden. Our kits make it easy to grow a variety of mushrooms.

North Winton Village

The community-focused North Winton Village is great for sharing mushroom growing tips and harvests. Engage your neighbors in sustainable gardening practices.

South Wedge

South Wedge’s progressive atmosphere is perfect for innovative gardening techniques, including mushroom cultivation. Our kits fit well into this dynamic neighborhood.


Brighton offers a more laid-back setting, suitable for leisurely gardening activities. Grow mushrooms with our easy-to-use kits and enjoy the process of nurturing and harvesting.

Begin Your Mushroom Adventure in Rochester

Rochester's diverse neighborhoods provide excellent opportunities for mushroom cultivation. Visit to explore our range of mushroom growing kits.

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Explore the magic of mushroom mycelium and cultivate your own gourmet mushrooms at home.

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PetitChampi mushroom grow kits include premium substrate and expertly curated mycology, ensuring a rewarding cultivation experience.

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Get your favourite mushroom within are large selection: Lion's mane, Shiitake, King Oyster, Golden Oyster, Blue Oyster, Pearl Oyster and Pink Oyster.

All of our mushroom kits are ready to use with no equipement needed. Just spray water and get amazing results!